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 As a manufacturer of rifles, silencers and pistols we work with other leading manufacturers to make sure that we deliver the best firearm for your exact need. We take the time to show you what YOU can have on your custom firearm. Unlike many firearm companies who produce what they want you to have, we produce artwork based around every detail that you desire. You dont have to settle for just anything when we can make it personal for you. We are moderately priced and will always stand behind everything that we do.

Our gunsmith has over 30 years experience working in the industry and is certified to make it happen. We offer refinishing services in bluing, parkerizing and any color imaginable in Cerakote OR DuraCoat. We have the machinery to make custom barrels, blue print actions, cut in sights, stipple steel or polymer frames, and much, much more. We have even been known to make a little ammunition from time to time. If there is something we can do for you stop by or give us a call. We looked forward to doing business with you and keeping you in the game.


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