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It all started over 30 years ago, when a couple of curious kids started disassembling things that didn't need to be disassembled. I will never forget the look on my best friend's, father's face when he came home from work to find his brand new Colt Python completely disassembled, laying on the work bench. With as much dignity and patience he could muster, he simply looked at the pile of parts and said "I don't know or care but it better not get a scratch and function properly when you put it back together, RIGHT NOW." Shortly after, I received my first set of gunsmithing books from the same man. 

As time progressed, I took several gunsmith related courses, then set my eyes on a local smith to gain apprenticeship experience. I worked with a gentleman well known in North Georgia but later joined the military. During a break in active duty, I decided to continue with formal education and began college. Shortly after, I felt the call to duty and re-enlisted again. After my enlistment, I continued my education and started specializing directly with the manufacturers. After years of training and schooling with H&K, Glock, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer and others,  I finally earned my title as gunsmith. 

Once again duty called and overseas I went. After receiving my third discharge I began working as a military contractor for multiple weapon systems. It wasn't long until I worked my way out of contracting and into the Federal Service, specializing in weapons systems. After more deployments than most, I was finally retired in 2015 and received my full military retirement in 2018.

I now enjoy working everyday with my wife operating the company and my children nearby. She has been operating the business now for some time. She has learned to connect with other women to help bring new faces into the shooting industry. Running a business with family does have its challenges but it is a special time spent together that can never be replaced. It also allows time to teach the children continued education in the firearms arena.I also run a local veterans program and help disabled vets reconnect and re-purpose their lives.  I can be found almost everyday at my shop or if I am not there I am on the water somewhere throwing a fly rod around pretending to be fly fishing.


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