Indoor Range

We have a 6 lane, 25 yard, heated and cooled, indoor range. We allow most handguns and some long guns to be used as long as they are chambererd in the standard pistol calibers. We do not allow ANY steel cased or steel projectile ammunition on the range at any time. We do offer ammunition at competitive prices so you can buy it on the spot. We can book the range for you for preplanned events so please inquire with us. We have at least one NRA Range Safety Officer on staff at all times. If you need assistance please ask us. Eye and ear protection are required.

Range Fees and Pricing

  • $12 per person per visit. Anyone who goes onto the range must purchase a range fee.
  • Eye and Ear protection is available at a nominal fee.
  • Targets are available starting at about $1.00 each.
  • Yearly memberships are available.
  • Individual is $350.00 annually with a $2.00 range fee per visit. Members receive a target, eye and ear protection if needed for free.
  • Family memberships are avaible for $500.00 annually with a $2.00 range fee, (includes target, eye and ear protection) per family member. Family members included are spouse and children up to age 18.
  • Rental firearms are available for an additional cost
  • Machine gun rentals are available per individual that includes range fee, target, 50 rounds of ammunition and safety equipment.





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