MA Customs Pistols

At MA Customs building a 1911 is the customer’s choice guided by the gunsmith for part quality assurance. This relationship allows the customer to pick all the components that he/she wants while the gunsmith makes guidelines for the build based on quality parts. This ensures that the final product is a well-built pistol that will last you a lifetime.  MA Customs uses frames and slides from companies like Caspian Arms Ltd and STI International, both companies that will stand behind their base product.

These products are then hand fit to the closest tolerances to give the shooter the ultimate accuracy while never compromising reliability. No production line here.  Each pistol is made one at a time, the way custom pistols are supposed to be made, with attention to detail and focused on the customer’s desire.  MA Customs offers many variations from checkering to stippling. We can offer Novak sight cuts as well as our own custom B0-Mar style sight cut, cocking serration, squared trigger  guards, accessory rail, custom serial numbering and lettering and many other options you won’t find by the mass produced pistol manufacturers.

You earned the right to purchase your next 1911 the way YOU want it and not the way they want you to have it. Don’t settle for less. Let us build that masterpiece for you.

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